Cancellations and Deposits

At Maya Organic Beauty Therapy and Maya Beauty we have a cancellation and deposit policy. We are understanding in certain circumstances, but also want our clients to know that we are a business and need to take care of our staff.

By booking with us you are agreeing to the cancellation policy. If you do not agree to our cancellation policy, you may call on the day to see if we have openings, however we will not reserve an appointment for you.

If you fail to show for an appointment or cancel within 24 hours for 3 or more consecutive appointments, for future appointments the whole treatment cost will have to be paid as a deposit rather than 50%, this will be retained if you continue to no show for your appointments.

Why We Take Deposits

Like staying in hotels or going to gym classes these days if you want to secure a booking a 50% deposit is required. The deposit amount is for any booking over 45 mins or when booking online for any service. The reason for this is that only people who genuinely want bookings are in and so we don’t have last minute no shows or cancellations.

If we account for paying staff and the running cost of our business we do this by having bookings and knowing what our days are like in advance. When you cancel last minute or don’t turn up without deposits we are left with a staff member that still needs to be paid along with electricity, insurance, and all other overheads with no money coming in to cover that time.

This Is Our Policy

The policy to take deposits has been in place for some time however we do enforce more these days due to the increase in last minute cancellations and no shows and also due to the massive loss our small business had due to covid. We need to be able to account for running costs and to do this we need to have an idea of what to expect is coming in and can track this due to bookings. When putting staff on we sometimes bring more therapists in to take more bookings but this comes with more wage costs and with cancellations or no shows it can be costly.
We send out a confirmation message regarding your appointment 48 hours in advance. You then have 24 hours to confirm, change or cancel your appointment.

The Accumulative Loss Of Income Due To Cancellations Or No Shows

When we take deposits due to last minute cancellations we are trying to cover our expenses. You may feel it’s only one booking and not worthy for us to keep your deposit and we don’t like to take them but it is necessary when you see how much one cancellation can effect our business if it’s only one a day but quite often we encounter this more than once a day. Over the course of a year one whole yearly income is lost due to this. As you can imagine that is a huge loss to us.

Be Kind

It shouldn’t have to be said but please be kind. If one of our staff call you for a booking deposit they are just doing their job. If you wish to keep your booking then paying a deposit shouldn’t be an issue. There is no need to be rude and it won’t be tolerated. If you call to cancel your appointment last minute and are told we will be retaining your deposit to cover costs don’t get angry.