Here at Maya we offer LUX Series Tattoo removal technology which provides one of the highest quality, professional tattoo removal treatments to achieve desired results.

How It Works ?

LUX Series tattoo removal device work by utilising a high powered Q-switched Nd:YAG laser known for their outstanding ability to remove a variety of tattoo inks. The light is aimed at the unwanted tattoo, then applied to skin in pulses. This process allows the tattoo to absorb the light, which in turn shatters the pigments into tiny fragments. The fragments are then removed by the body’s natural filtration system. the result leads to permanent fading of the tattoo, or removal of the tattoo all together.
It is also important to note that the wavelengths of light used during treatment are specifically designed to be attracted only to the tattoo pigments, leaving surrounding healthy skin untouched.


2cm x 2cm$90
4cm x 4cm $140
4cm x 8cm$170
6cm x 10cm$200
8cm x 12cm$230
11cm x 15cm$260
15cm x 21cm$340
20cm x 21cm$410
21cm x 30cm$480
Buy 6 Treatments for the price of 5

Consult and test patch $50 redeemable upon cost of first treatment. Our tattoo removal machine is suitable for treating most black and coloured tattoos. During your consultation your therapist will assess your unwanted tattoo and discuss with you the results most likely to expect and an estimate of the amount of treatments required to achieve results.

How often and how many sessions are needed ?

This all depends on the size, age, quality and colour of your unwanted tattoo. some may need as little as six sessions while others may require 12 or more. sessions are generally spaced six weeks apart or more depending on skin healing. the tattoo removal process keeps working long after your session has finished. it takes time for your body to fully complete the natural process of clearing treated tattoo inks, which is why we allow time to heal and renew before your next session.

Does it Hurt ?

The sensation felt during tattoo removal will vary from person to person. Factors to consider include the pain threshold of the individual being treated, as well as the size, quality, colour and location of tattoo. Your therapist will try to reduce pain as much as possible with recommending topical anesthetic and ice packs.