Cosmetic Tattooing Consult is $50 (redeemable on service)


Initial appointment$500
Touch Up appointment$250
Second Touch Up appointment (within 2 months)$150
Maintenance Touch Up (within 12 months)$300
This form of Cosmetic Tattooing is semi permanent and can last anywhere from 10-18 months depending on the individual and their skin and the aftercare.
Do you have sparse or uneven brows that need filling every day. This can save you so much time in the long term and equates to the cost of having your brows hennaed and shaped every 3 weeks.
At your first appointment numbing cream is applied and then the consultation begins where the brow artist will discuss with you your desired outcome in terms of shape and colour. After 20-30mins the numbing cream is removed and your new brows are custom designed for your face. What this means is using specific points on your face to measure where your brows should start and finish and where the peak should be. Once they are outlined on the skin you have the opportunity to look at your brow design and decide whether this suits you. Once you are happy with the outline the feather stroke process begins. You will feel a slight pinch and pressure as the brows are stroked in the pattern of your natural hair growth to make them look as natural as possible. Pigment is used and then set into the strokes. After doing both brows a second numbing agent that can be used on broken skin is applied. Then the second pass over the brows begins. Once this pigment is set into the strokes you have the chance to look and advise whether you would like more added or a darker colour. Once the process is complete we will pop on a soothing balm and you will be given aftercare to follow for best results.

A follow up touch up appointment is to be booked for 4-6 weeks time. The touch up appointment is necessary to further define the initial strokes and to get the longest lasting brows.


Initial Appointment$550
Touch Up Appointment (at 10 Weeks)$300
Maintenance Touch Up (within 18 months)$350
This form of cosmetic tattooing is semi permanent and can last anywhere from 14-24 months depending on the individual and their skin and the aftercare.  This technique is also better for people who have oily skin as the pigment will hold better and hairstroke techniques lines can blur as they heal.
This method is for those who are looking for a full makeover/powder line finish on the brows. Using a digital tattoo machine to implant pigment into the skin using a shading technique. Brows will be designed by the artist and approved by you before starting any tattooing. For this treatment we allow 2 hours, start with the brow design which can take 10-30 minutes followed by the outline. Numbing Gel is then applied to the brows before starting the shading.


Initial Appointment$600
Touch Up Appointment$350
Maintenance Appointment (within 18 months)$400
Combo brows is the mixture of the two brow techniques, adding hair strokes where needed and ending the tail of the brow with a nice powdered look finish.
The touch up of another artists work will need a consult and price to be assigned.


Initial Appointment$600
Touch Up Appointment$300
Maintenance Touch Up$350
A Lip Blush Tattoo is a natural lip tattoo, a semi permanent makeup form. Enhances the natural colour and beauty of the lips. Improving shape and giving definition. Once healed it looks very natural and can give the illusion of fuller lips.
The time it will last differs from different people. Generally several years but lifestyle contributes to how well it maintains. Smoking and Sun exposure can speed fading. If you are Oil prone, have an iron deficiency or use lots of exfoliates or resurfacing products in your skin regimen.
It is relatively pain free as you will be numbed throughout the treatment. A pain reliever like tylenol can be taken prior to the treatment. If you are cold sore prone you should take lysine tablets 2 weeks prior and 1 week after to help ward a breakout although it still would happen to anyone even if you have never had a coldsore before just a reaction to the trauma on the lips. You will also be swollen after the treatment for up to 48 hours.


Initial Appointment, top only$450
Touch Up, top only$250
Initial Appointment, bottom only $350
Touch Up, bottom only$200
Initial Appointment, top and bottom $600
Touch Up, top and bottom$350
Top liner tattoo can be done very natural to enhance the lash line, giving you the appearance of fuller darker lashes or with a wing and slightly thicker to create a more dramatic look. Our artist will work with you to design a lash enhancement treatment to suit your desired outcome. This treatment requires a touch up appointment to be done 4 weeks after your initial appointment. The liner will last from 3-5 years, a colour booster appointment is recommended some time from the 3 year mark to keep the liner looking dark and fresh.